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Hear firsthand how leading business women created their own career paths and figure out if an MBA is right for you.

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Liberal Arts = Career Success

Professionals with liberal arts backgrounds are some of the most successful and sought after candidates for many business industries. Hear from a panel of successful businesswomen that came from a liberal arts background on why they value their liberal arts background and why traditional business industries and roles are targeting liberal arts women to join their team.


Career in Financial Services: How did Yellowstone, Guinea and Teaching Lead to the MBA and Finance?

Hear from Jen LeClair, CFO for PNC’s Asset Management Business. Jen has a unique and remarkable career, which goes to show that you can take any path to an MBA.


Career Lab: Why business? A Broad Spectrum Of Career Options

Hear from Kymm Pollack, marketing director at General Mills, about how she accidentally found herself working in business and loving it. Kymm describes her role in brand management and offers her advice for women who are just starting out. Elizabeth Neils, Forte Fellow and first-year student at the Carlson School at University of Minnesota, also joins the conversation. Elizabeth talks about how she benefited from trying a number of different paths after college and why her diverse background serves her well now that she is pursuing an MBA.