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Career Lab: Why business? A Broad Spectrum Of Career Options

Hear from Kymm Pollack, marketing director at General Mills, about how she accidentally found herself working in business and loving it. Kymm describes her role in brand management and offers her advice for women who are just starting out. Elizabeth Neils, Forte Fellow and first-year student at the Carlson School at University of Minnesota, also joins the conversation. Elizabeth talks about how she benefited from trying a number of different paths after college and why her diverse background serves her well now that she is pursuing an MBA.


How Do I Know If I Want A Job In Marketing?

What’s the difference between marketing, PR, and advertising? Whitney Gosden sits down to chat about the nitty-gritty of marketing and what it’s like to work in a product-based industry, like American Express. Got a way with words? Think you can show people why they need to buy something? Find out how you can get paid for your powers of persuasion.


Career Lab: Thinking about a career in social enterprise?

At our Boston Career Lab, we talked to Valerie Bockstette of FSG Social Impact Advisors about the value of an MBA as preparation for a career in social enterprise. We also hear from Andrea Mitchell-Kimmell, Associate Director of Admissions at Harvard Business School, who discusses the right time to pursue an MBA, and first-year Harvard Business School student Whitney Gosden offers her perspective on the business school experience.


Career Lab: You don’t have to find your dream job day 1.

In the final episode of the Career Lab podcast series, we talk to Elizabeth Vale, managing director at Morgan Stanley to get her advice on building and sustaining a career.  We also hear from Karen Le Vert about launching her own business and a few current and recent MBA students, who describe the route they took to business school and beyond.


Career Lab: Is fear getting in your way? Tips on Getting from College to Career

In this episode, we’ll hear from Lindsey Pollack, author of the book Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World. Lindsey shares her advice on finding the right career, landing an interview, and preparing for life beyond college.


Career Lab: I had no idea I’d End up in Business

In this episode, hear from some of the speakers at our Career Lab event at USC. Katherine Bair Desmond, Manager of Women’s Recruiting Initiatives at McKinsey, and Rodney Craig, Director of Global Markets at Merrill Lynch, talk about how they launched their careers and how you can get started. We also hear from Eric Chambers, of the Graduate Management Admissions Council, about preparing for life after college.