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Women in Crypto

By Aury Cifuentes

March 13, 2018

Cryptocurrency is considered revolutionary because it is a peer-to-peer network reliant on blockchain technology without a central governing authority. Besides its host of algorithms and ongoing debates about its merit as an asset class, the representative symbiosis between finance and technology is not going anywhere. Learning about crypto is also becoming increasing social as media giants like GirlBoss, started by Sophia Amoruso, have regularly published resources for women of all backgrounds to get involved either online or in person. 

Early last year, I kept hearing about crypto and how the speculation surrounding the hype was newsworthy. Although I did not jump on the bandwagon of crypto investing, I did invest some time with to a range of academic databases to start demystifying the headlines in the hopes of finding facts over bias. This research also overlapped with one of my other courses so I was not disappointed with what I found. In fact I was able to trace the original Bitcoin research piece published by a yet-to-be identified individual by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Depending on your interests the article, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, has something for everyone as there is an emphasis on the mechanics, financial implications, and C commands behind any transaction. Needless to say there is a fixed amount of Bitcoin to be mined and the nuances of a fixed supply have a range of implications beyond the scope of this article.

Yet many women are already exploring those complex implications of a currency that did not seem feasible centuries ago. As college students were are constantly learning and becoming subject matter experts on anything including crypto is definitely possible. While there are many unknowns in a new industry, the benefit will go toward the pioneers who are trying to be one step ahead in thinking of the regulatory, entrepreneurial, and computational ventures within such a space. For example, Perianne Boring is an adjunct professor of Blockchain at Georgetown. She is also the founder of the Digital Chamber of Commerce in DC, which is focused on moving beyond the regulatory implications for business. For those in the area and interested, that could be a great place to start as well as the growing online groups on Facebook such as Ladies of Crypto. Another notable pioneering woman can include the online news hub co-founder Toni Lane Casserly. Before establishing CoinTelegraph, Toni had a vision to revolutionize regular financial journalism into a niche-reporting segment – cryptocurrency journalism. So whether it is in the media, financial service industry, or the tech space, women are changing the dynamic in a unique fashion that can benefit the relatively young and growing Digital Currency and Blockchain industry. 

The future for blockchain, barring from imminent regulations, has the potential to redefine relatively ancient industries like the media and music industries while changing the scope of social entrepreneurship ventures and technology among other things. All in all, whether you see yourself leading the next big ICO for your start-up or just adding a bit of background on the hype over brunch the future of finance is redefined everyday. 

Aury Cifuentes is a very bubbly senior at The College of New Jersey. As an Economics major with a concentration in Social Justice she is happily working on a capstone project, internship, and thesis this year. When she isn’t studying, Aury is actively participating in the community through the Bonner Service program and working closely with her E-Board as president of Women in Business this year.

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