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Why Study During the Summer?

By Valeria Tirado

May 28, 2015

While summertime is a time for fun, many of us are going to be taking summer classes. Obviously studying is going to be very important to us, but what about the people who are lucky enough to not be taking summer classes?

Well I’ve got news for you; even if you’re not taking summer classes, studying throughout the summer may be a smart thing to do. Study what, you ask? And how?

So you probably already made your schedule by now so you know what classes you’re taking next semester. Lucky you! (If you haven’t then you should really get on that.)

It’s no doubt these classes are gonna be work so why not get a head start? If you’re taking a political science class, brush up on some political science. The same can be said for any other class. Many professors let you know in advance what textbooks you’ll need so you can get those ahead of time and see what you’re in for.

If you think a particular class will be especially challenging, wouldn’t it be smart to review it a little so you can be ahead of the game? Your professor will certainly be impressed!

Honestly, if you really don’t want to do anything in the previous paragraph because you think that summer is for relaxing then fine. You’re technically right.

I’ve always thought the best vacations were ones where you could learn something too, though. Even if you’re not learning about school subjects, make the effort to learn something new this summer. It can be reading a new book or learning about a new culture.

Make this summer the most productive by learning something new. I promise you won’t regret it. The greatest part is that you can choose anything you want so take advantage!

Studying doesn’t necessarily mean burying your head in a book and getting ready for an exam. Studying can be also be reviewing and improving something you already know or practicing something new.

If you don’t want to learn about a topic, try something more hands-on by learning or improving a new skill. It can be anything from practicing your drawing skills to perfecting your goalkeeping skills. This kind of learning is especially fun since you get the direct payoff from it.

Go ahead, pick something new to focus on this summer and plan to be a master at it by the time you go back to school!

With these things in mind, I hope you all have an enjoyable summer vacation, and for those of you returning to school next semester; I hope you have a productive and studious summer as well!

Valeria Tirado is a junior at Rutgers University – New Brunswick with a major in Environmental and Business Economics and an Anthropology minor. She plans to get a Master’s from Rutgers in Food and Business Economics and attend NYU Stern for Economics after graduation. Valeria is the captain of her intramural volleyball team and can be found on Twitter at @valeriat94.

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