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Résumé Tips You Didn’t Already Know

By Casey Tsamis

March 6, 2018

It’s so important to have a solid résumé made before graduating college. It may be difficult when first creating it, because you may not have had much experience in the past, and that’s completely okay. Or maybe you’ve had a lot of experience, but are struggling with putting everything together and don’t know what to add or keep. Regardless, here are the best ways to really make your résumé stand out.

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As for account options, has a free account plan and a $15 a month option, which would include more templates.

No need to put where you went to high school

If you’re currently enrolled in a university, you don’t need to have your high school listed. Make sure to list the school that you’re attending as well as your major and the degree that is being received. Also write your expected graduation month and year. For example:

Bachelor of Science, Major in Journalism
Emerson College-Expected May 2018

Have a section for achievements and awards

This is great especially if you’re feeling like your résumé has a whole lot of white space. If you made honor roll or dean’s list, definitely add that here. Scholarships are also great to include.

Make sure to create a section on related courses

It’s beneficial to the employer to see what you already know, so they don’t have to teach you later. If you’re applying for a public relations job and took a public relations or marketing class, add that into your résumé.

Use action-oriented words when describing your tasks at a previous internship or job

Action verbs are key to start with when describing daily tasks at a previous job. Action verbs like “Suggested, Developed, and Researched” are good examples of this. Another example:

-Pitched and developed content for magazine’s fall issue

Check out this page for 185 action verbs to use for a résumé. It’ll be super helpful when writing out your previous job description.

Lastly, be sure that your résumé is clean and is free of any grammatical or spelling errors. Use a font that is easy to read, such as Arial or Times New Roman. A 10-12 point font size is perfect.

Always send a résumé as a PDF file, so employers don’t have to download it and have it come up as a Microsoft Word document. A résumé shows off your talents and strengths, so make each word count and you’re guaranteed to get that interview.

Casey Tsamis is a senior journalism student at Emerson College in Boston, MA. She is a Division III athlete as well as the Vice President of her sorority, Xi Gamma Nu. Casey spends her free time exploring the latest fashion and beauty trends, and her dream job is to work at Too Faced.

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