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Making Friends With Other Women During The Summer

By Danni Ondraskova

May 23, 2017

Your internship or job is coming up quickly. Maybe you’re throbbing with excitement or nervousness just thinking about it. In a month or two, you’ll say goodbye to campus as you lug your suitcase to the airport or your dad’s car (unless, of course, you’re researching on campus over the summer. Lucky you!).

If you’re headed to Silicon Valley, the Big Apple, or some other city that may be far from home, you may be apprehensive about your social life. After all, it’s a new terrain, and you’ll only be there for the short-term. Here’s a few tips about ways you can make some close bonds with new female friends over the summer.

Look for kindred spirits at work

The best place to find a new female friend is in your cubicle. After all, you’re in the same environment for dozens of hours a week…it’s not exactly difficult for you to physically meet whenever you need to! Even if you work for a tech company, Wall Street, or fields with fewer women historically, chances are you’ll have a girlfriend or two working nearby.

Utilize shared experiences or perspectives to lay the groundwork for a truly satisfying relationship. If you’re used to having mostly men in your economics or business classes at school, this could be a great time for you to meet amazing women.

If you’re spiritual, find friends at places of worship

No matter where you go, chances are that you will find some place of worship, some of which are more tolerant of visitors of different denominations or faiths than others. If you have the slightest inkling of interest in going to a church, mosque, synagogue, or other place of worship this summer, give it a try!

In addition to being places of connection with the divine, religious institutions are well known for their ability to create strong social bonds between people. If you are a person of faith, finding a woman who is on your spiritual path can add a wonderful dimension to your friendship.

Go outside

Whether you are in a town of 549 people or Tokyo, there are always places to go that provide opportunities for human interaction. If you’re in a rural environment, take advantage of the bucolic scenery—it’s likely that other potential friends are, too. If you’re in a suburb, you’re in luck. Small niche businesses and food establishments are galore and are easy to take advantage of.

Finally, if you’re hitting your summer stride in the big city, head down to a museum after work. You might lock eyes with your future best friend over a Van Gogh painting. Even better, go to a sports game or a concert—they house people of many personalities, increasing your chances of finding someone who clicks with you.

Or, if you’re like many college students, go get that well-deserved tan at the beach. You’ll gain a reprieve from the hot weather and a friendship or two after sharing a joke or two with a new friend about the crowd of seagulls stalking you.

Danni Ondraskova will graduate in 2018 from Wellesley College. Danni plans on earning a dual degree in law and business and dreams of working for JP Morgan’s Global Investment Management division.


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