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Helpful Apps For Boosting Your Productivity

By Nuriya Saifulina

November 23, 2017

In college, technology can often hamper your workflow by providing you with endless sources of procrastination. However, with the right apps it can also do wonders to your productivity by helping you keep track of your assignments, optimize your studying, and prepare for your exams. We compiled a list of holy grail apps that will help any college student tackle their work more efficiently and even fun!

There is nothing more annoying than trying to put a watertight bibliography together, so anyone procrastinating on their papers out of fear of citation will love this app. Just scan the book’s barcode or enter the title to instantly get citations in different styles — APA, MLA, Chicago, you name it.


The cute design and clean interface of this flashcard app from the creators of Duolingo makes creating your own adaptable decks easier than ever. The app also has over a thousand premade cards organized by topic, with a wide variety of subjects from biology to history.

Forest is a game where progress depends on how long the app is open, with your planted trees only growing if you don’t check any other apps like Facebook or Groupme. You can then compare your forests with friends to see who is has spent the least time on distracting social media..

Exam Countdown
There is nothing worse than forgetting about an important test, so this exam-tracking app can come in handy. This app is basically a doomsday clock that lets you know exactly how many days separate you from your next exam.
Never let silly grammatical blunders embarrass you with this ultimate proofreading app. Your papers will be mistake and typo-free in no time!

Self Control
Let’s be honest – self-restraint is hard with an abundance of tempting Internet distractions. Curb your procrastinating tendencies with this website blocking app that will surely prevent you from wasting hours on Facebook.

These useful apps will surely help you squeeze the most out of your work time and boost your GPA, so head over to the App Store to give yourself an upper-leg this semester.

Nuriya Saifulina is a rising sophomore at Harvard College who is concentrating in Economics and Psychology. In her spare time she writes for the college newspaper, volunteers with immigrant communities in Boston, and dabbles in costume design for the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club.

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