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Get Career Ready: Be a Short Term Pragmatist

By Angela Guido

May 8, 2016

Got a big vision for your future? Awesome!!! Now you’ve got to be patient. Anything you can dream up, you can achieve, but great accomplishments take time.

So in addition to being a Long Term Visionary, you’ve got to be a Short Term Pragmatist. Recognize your vision for your career will take a few steps to achieve. Your first job, probably won’t be “it.” But even Rome began with a single stone. Take steps in the short term that get you closer to your long term vision.

For example, if your vision includes starting your own company and you are very interested in technology today, what are some steps you could take to get closer to being entrepreneur-ready and savvier about technology? You could…

  • Take a coding class
  • Do an internship with a startup
  • Start following the blogs of successful entrepreneurs
  • Consider a fulltime job in a bigger company that gives you a firm foundation of business skills (think consulting, product management, venture capital)

Weigh your short term options against your long term goals, and make choices that move you in the right direction.

Our career tips are brought to you by Angela Guido. For more timeless wisdom and bright ideas for your career, check out her website, Career Protocol.

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