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From Extern to Intern at Bloomberg

By Aury Cifuentes

September 19, 2017

I think we have all heard about how important the junior year internship is in terms of job prospects, but the truth is you can never start too early. In my case, I was exactly a year away from the all-important junior summer internship when I walked into the Bloomberg Princeton office.

My journey with Bloomberg LP officially began during the summer right after my sophomore year.

As an extern, our first day started with an introduction to the company values and where we would fit in within the culture of collaboration. The absence of cubicles and clear glass meeting rooms literally created an open environment—not to mention the number of people meeting in the pantry over an array of snacks.

The key purpose of day one was “Terminal 101.” Being comfortable with the terminal was significant for not only my time as an extern, but as an intern working on thesis and capstone plans over the summer. Out of the thousands of functions, the more you knew the better, as they could be used in conjunction with several layers of analysis simultaneously.

The second and third day prepped us for public speaking and the amount of teamwork needed at the firm.  At the end of the third day, an intense interview was scheduled with the top performers of each department for a chance to land an internship for the following summer.

My interview went well as I demonstrated that my interests aligned to where the company is rapidly making a mark. Technology, whether through coding, machine learning, or otherwise, is providing a faster way to not only understand client needs but create even more value within the firm.

My summer was an extension of externship in the sense that I was within the forecasting department. I spent the last month of my summer working extensively with my intern team of four engineers to launch a proof of concept for our final project that would transform one of the most popular functions on the terminal.

Overall, my advice for anyone who is tempted to start early in the recruiting cycle is to take chances and apply, apply, and apply!

Additionally, any tech skills today will transform your tomorrow so take advantage of all the great free resources online. Even if it is basic Python or C you will now be able to understand more in meetings, product launches, and networking opportunities—making yourself available to even more opportunities in the long run.

Aury is a very bubbly senior at The College of New Jersey. As an Economics major with a concentration in Social Justice she is happily working on a capstone project, internship, and thesis this year. When she isn’t studying, Aury is actively participating in the community through the Bonner Service program and working closely with her E-Board as president of Women in Business this year.

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