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Diversity Conferences That Made a Difference In My First Year

By Megha Karthikeyan

November 30, 2017

One of the best tips I have for women getting into the finance industry is to attend diversity conferences and externships. You will be able to learn a lot about the company culture of the places you want to work at and understand the various divisions and opportunities at the company. It is also a great way to network with other college students from around the country.

Goldman Sachs Women’s Leadership Camp

Last year, I attended the Goldman Sachs Women’s Leadership Camp where I learned a great deal about the company culture, business principles, and the divisions at Goldman Sachs. I attended the conference in Salt Lake City which is one of their biggest offices. To apply for the conference, I had to submit my resume and then complete a Hirevue, which is Goldman Sachs’ online interviewing system. This came in very handy this year when I was applying for the Goldman internships because they use Hirevues to evaluate summer analysts, so I already had practice using the system.

At the two-day conference, I learned about the many divisions Goldman Sachs had through open networking sessions where representatives from the many divisions spoke with us about their jobs and day-to-day work life. I gained a lot of insight about what Goldman Sachs was looking for when hiring summer analysts.

Another benefit for this conference were the resume reviews that the recruiters did for us while we were there. Since this program was for first and second years in college, they helped us edit our resumes and told us what recruiters look for when reading a resume. We also got a chance to do practice interviews where we learned to tell our story and speak to our activities.

This conference gave me the chance to meet college women from all over the country and network with employees at Goldman Sachs. I recommend anyone interested in working in finance and banking to attend a conference like this one because it is very informative and exciting.

Deutsche Bank’s Rise Into Success Conference

This past May I attended Deutsche Bank’s Rise Into Success conference for people of diverse backgrounds including minorities and women. This program took place in New York City and I got a chance to learn more about Deutsche and its company culture.

One of the great aspects of this conference was the session where we did a practice interview with professionals at the firm. I was assigned to a Vice President in Global Markets who gave me practice questions which she would ask to interviewees. I got insight into what sorts of questions were asked during Deutsche interviews and got to practice my speaking skills.

The Rise Into Success program also set up networking lunches and sessions where we got to speak with former interns and employees about their experiences at Deutsche and what they like about the company. It was great to hear about the different divisions in Deutsche and meet people from all over the world who work there.

Programs like this will help women interested in finance expand their options and learn about the different jobs that are out there in the banking world. Since this program is only for first years, it is a great opportunity to start networking for that third year internship.

Megha Karthikeyan is from Vienna, Virginia and attends the University of Virginia. She intends to double major in Economics and Commerce at the McIntire School of Commerce with finance and information technology concentrations. Megha will graduate from UVA in 2020. She hopes to work in the finance industry as a finance or risk analyst, but is also looking at working in investment banking.

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