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Creating an Academic Bucket List

By Aury Cifuentes

December 5, 2017

We might all have those quirk college traditions that everyone is encouraged to experience before graduation. As a current senior, I am missing a few, such as jumping into the only fountain on campus. Yet regardless of your class year, everyone can have an academic bucket list! (No fountain required).

Below is a sample bucket list but you can make one with as many points and goals as you would like to accomplish this semester.

1. Contribute to the class discussion at least once per class

This means even when you know the answer, there are awkward silences, or you just do not feel like sharing, being proactive can not only help you recall certain concepts but clarify the content for someone else. This has a snowball effect that could inspire someone to participate when you need it most.

2. Go to office hours once per month (or as needed)

Let’s say you grasp everything perfectly, why would you make the trek to your Econometrics’ professor’s distant office? Because you never know whom you will need to know in the job market or academia. Faculty typically have access to research opportunities and certain elusive alumni that are only accessible through connections, so unless you network, you will never know.

3. Work with someone outside your immediate friend group
I am not encouraging you avoid your friends for group projects, but inviting someone new to join your power group can have its benefits. One of them includes preparing for the workforce where everyone from various backgrounds and ages will be trying to create a deliverable with you!

This bucket list is pretty brief as all of the above are big commitments depending on the type of person you are. Overall, there is no right or wrong way to list your wants for the semester so go ahead and start writing!

Aury Cifuentes is a very bubbly senior at The College of New Jersey. As an Economics major with a concentration in Social Justice she is happily working on a capstone project, internship, and thesis this year. When she isn’t studying, Aury is actively participating in the community through the Bonner Service program and working closely with her E-Board as president of Women in Business this year.

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