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Conferences to Make You Stand Out

By Aury Cifuentes

March 22, 2018

The College to Business Leadership and Fast Track to Finance conferences were two of the many highlights of my sophomore year. Not only was I able to reconnect with old friends but also I got to take part in an inspiring environment filled with future leaders and mentors. If you have the opportunity to attend, please take a notebook and channel those nerves into excitement as everyone at your table will be just happy to be there as you!

Location is important and for me both of these conferences took place in the city. While I did have an later exam that same afternoon for one of them, experiencing the travel and early wakeup call was like a practice session if I one day decided to work in NYC. Once I arrived check-in was a breeze and I quickly obtained my nametag with various other goodies to find my table and start the day. Our keynote speaker was only a few years older than everyone in the room and it was inspiring to hear her story as she crafted her international schooling and language competencies from abroad to land her dream job in the M&A department of Barclays. While the old saying goes practice makes perfect, there was a range of activities from an IPO Simulation and elevator pitch with your table that prepared you for the ultimate networking session at the end of both sessions.

Everyone was prepped with resumes and a cute Forté tote to try and visit every table with a range of recruiters, deans, and analysts of well known companies. With all the practice from the morning and afternoon sessions, many of us felt much more confidant to go out and ask about the range of opportunities for the upcoming summer and even potentially after graduation. Quite a few MBA programs were represented as well as a range of industries from banking to product management. The best part of each experience is that Forté does not just make the introductions but instead the foundation helps you continue the conversations with the people you meet and friends you make. All conference attendees gain access to amazing online webinars during the rest of your undergraduate career as well as the career center online posting hub and blog! Thus the all-access pass behind each conference is true to its name and opportunities continue presenting themselves to take your involvement a step further whether as a Forté campus rep, becoming a contributing writer, or even engaging in the blog posts!

        Thus, if you are presented with the opportunity to attend or know someone who would be a great fit for the conference please spread the word as the deadlines for both conferences in different cities is soon. You do not want to miss what can be one of the many highlights of your college career and you may even meet your future employer before you know it!

Aury Cifuentes is a very bubbly senior at The College of New Jersey. As an Economics major with a concentration in Social Justice she is happily working on a capstone project, internship, and thesis this year. When she isn’t studying, Aury is actively participating in the community through the Bonner Service program and working closely with her E-Board as president of Women in Business this year.

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