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Balancing Classes and Clubs

By Grace Chow

October 7, 2015

College students fall into routine: get up early, attend classes for the greater part of the day, sneak in a meal or two, complete homework until the wee hours past midnight, perhaps sleep for three hours if you are lucky; rinse, wash, repeat.

All too often, undergrads plummet into a monotonous rhythm of daily activities where work takes center stage and recreation is forgotten.

However, it is important to relax, to take time off to find both mental and social tranquility without losing what’s really important through extracurricular activities. 

You might wonder, at the speeds that college students seem to be moving at, how is it possible to even fit time in for extracurriculars?

Personally, I am in a range of major related clubs and sports teams. Right after 2:45 when my classes end, I go grab a snack and head straight to boxing practice. From there, I go to my business clubs and councils, networking events, or other group meetings for my classes. My day ends at 8 or 10pm when I can actually start my homework.

It is hectic, but I have found ways to make the most of my time. Those forty five minute breaks that seem too short for homework, but too long to pass up? Well, I have discovered that utilizing that time by simply finishing a problem or two of accounting or jotting down essay ideas makes a huge difference when it comes to managing your responsibilities. 

Formal meals are great for catching up with friends or even taking a break, but I have found out that I got so caught up in conversation that before I knew it, two hours will have passed.

So, take that sandwich to a quiet place and allot a few days of your weekday to just focusing on yourself. And, give yourself ample time over the weekend to catch up on work and sleep.

Time management is key when it comes to balancing your schedule. I keep up with my work by having a weekly planner were I allocate specific time slots for certain activities. With a deadline in mind, you will definitely be more efficient and get more done.

Don’t let yourself run over those blocks and stop an assignment when time is up. Gradually, you will be able to juggle your homework and fun activities outside of the classroom.

Most importantly, remember, you aren’t a superhero. You don’t have super powers that let you blaze through your days. Sometimes, you have to recognize what is too much and what you can really handle. But, once you have found that sweet balance, college just gets that much better.

Grace Chow is majoring in finance and sociology at the University of Notre Dame. After she graduates in 2018, Grace plans to go into investment banking. She dreams of starting a non profit someday.

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